Celtic Jewelry - The Numerous Types Out There

posted on 06 Jun 2013 16:01 by cheapjordansjjd

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Few types of jewelry have been so popular for so long as that of the Celtic tradition. Back in the ancient times, the Celts created different symbols that would be liked by people everywhere. These days you can see Celtic designs on many things, like tattoos, t-shirts and jewelry. Celtic jewelry has been treasured throughout the ages, and in this article we'll be looking at why that is.
One widespread example of jewelry that has its origin in Ireland is the Celtic cross. What makes the Celtic cross special is the presence of a circle around it, and you'll often find Celtic knots in the design. In Ireland and neighboring countries you'll find Celtic crosses are quite common. Among other things, this is one popular variety of the Christian Cross, so some people wear it as a religious symbol. While many people wear the Celtic cross around their necks, this is a design that can be used in jewelry of all kinds. You can wear a Celtic cross to display your Celtic heritage or simply because you like the design.

One very distinctive aspect of Celtic designs is how animal images are always used. This is known as zoomorphic images, and they can show many different animals, like bulls, birds, serpents and more. These images are related to Celtic mythology, which is something worth exploring if you're interested in this tradition and are curious about the origins of the symbols. Human faces and the animals are sometimes mixed together. Examples of this style can be observed in lots of pieces of Celtic jewelry, and you can often see animal forms in Celtic knots. As an example, a bracelet might have a knotwork style that has animal faces on both the ends. The Celtic jewelry gets more of a unique and mysterious quality with these images.

There are many qualities that will bring you to Celtic jewelry, but perhaps the main one is the affordability. Even Celtic jewelry will become more expensive if you want costly gold or precious stones. The appeal of Celtic jewelry is mainly in its design and look, where it can be exceedingly beautiful, even though using items that are not only inexpensive but simple.

Maybe it won't be the best quality, but Celtic designs can be found on inexpensive pieces of jewelry, such as costume jewelry. Gold is beyond the price a lot of people can afford, but quite often sterling silver is just right, so use it with your Celtic designs. When you are looking for Celtic jewelry, it can be found on many Internet sites, such as auction sites. One of the best things about Celtic jewelry is that you can acquire a great deal of it without draining your bank account. From expensive, all the way down to very cheap, Celtic jewelry comes in many forms. Remember, this is just a summary of what Celtic jewelry is and there is much more to learn if you're interested.